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Introducing our exquisite Amber Jar Reed Diffusers, a part of our Original Collection featuring 22 captivating scents. Crafted with the utmost care, these diffusers are made using natural ingredients, ensuring a pure and refreshing fragrance experience.

Each diffuser comes with five high-quality reeds, carefully selected to provide a longer-lasting scent. Simply insert the reeds into the amber jar, and watch as the aromatic essence gently diffuses into your space, creating an inviting and soothing atmosphere.

Please make sure that Reed Diffusers are not poured on a polished surface. The Reed Diffuser base will tarnish and strip paint & polish. For any drips, wipe your bottles quickly to avoid any paint being stripped.

Our original collection offers a wide range of scents, each thoughtfully curated to evoke a a unique ambiance and cater to diverse preferences. From floral and fruity notes to warm and woody undertones, there's a scent for every mood any occasion.

Indulge these beautiful reed diffusers as they infuse your home with a delightful and long-lasting fragrance. These Amber Jar Reed Diffusers are not only a treat for your senses but also an elegant addition to your décor.

Reed Diffusers Amber Jar - Original Collection

£16.00 Regular Price
£12.00Sale Price

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