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Elevate you ambiance with our exquisite mini candles, carefully hand-poured in our Welsh workshop to bring a touch of craftsmanship to your space. Each candle is crafted with premium soy wax, not only ensuring a clean and sustainable burn but also infusing your room with a gentle lasting fragrance that transports your to a real of relation and luxury. 


Explore our range of scents, ranging from opulent dupes of popular perfumes and sophisticated aftershaves to refreshing nods to familiar learning products. Whether you seek a cosy evening in, a moment of tranquility, or simply wish to enhance your surroundings, our mini candles offer up to 20 hours of pure indulgence. 


Designed with a cotton wick, our candles promise a longer and cleaner burn, allowing you to enjoy every moment without worry. Illuminate your space with the warm glow of our frosted jar candles and let the mesmerising scents weave a tapestry of comfort and sophistication around you. Choose quality, choose luxury, choose our Welsh made mini candles. 


Available in the following scents; 






Oud Wood 


Golden Orchid 

Midnight Bloom 



Vapour Rub

Mini Frosted Candles - Special Collection

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