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Large soy wax special collection candles. 


Step into a world of sensory delight with our exclusive collection of candles and wax melts, lovingly handcrafted in our charming Welsh workshop. Imbued with a harmonious blend of popular perfume, aftershave, and cleaning scents, each candle and wax melt is a masterpiece of artistry.


 Our candles are thoughtfully designed with  2 cotton wicks, ensuring a steady and clean burn that fills your space with captivating fragrance. Crafted from soy wax, these candles not only offer a longer-lasting scent experience but also contribute to a more sustainable and eco-friendly atmosphere.


 Indulge your senses and elevate your ambiance with our carefully curated range of scents, each one a unique journey for the mind and soul. Whether you seek the familiar comfort of a favorite perfume, the invigorating essence of aftershave, or the fresh allure of cleaning scents, our collection has something to offer every discerning nose.


Available in the following scents; 






Oud Wood 


Golden Orchid 

Midnight Bloom 



Vapour Rub

Large Frosted Candles - Special Collection

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