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Introducing our eco-friendly car air freshener, a part of our original collection. Crafted with sustainability in mind, our car air freshener is fully recyclable, making it a conscious choice for both your vehicle and the environment.

Each air freshener is unfused with our signature scents from the original collection, ensuring a delightful and refreshing fragrance experience during your travels. From soothing Spa Day to Zesty Citrus in our Lime, Basil & Mandarin fragrance. Our wide range of scents caters to diverse preferences creating a personalised ambiance within your car.

We take pride in using a natural base for all our home fragrances, including our car air freshener. This ensures a clean and pure scent free from harsh chemicals.

Designed for longevity, our car air freshener are long-lasting, allowing you to enjoy the captivating scents for an extended period.

Simply unscrew the wooden lid, remove the stopper and return the lid and hang the air freshener in your car, and let the aromatic notes envelop your space, creating a welcoming atmosphere.

Car Air Freshener - Original Collection

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