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Our Story


Once upon a time, in a quaint little Welsh workshop, a passion was ignited. It all started when my partner remarked that I had too many candles. Little did he know, this innocent comment would set me off on a new journey of creativity and scent making.


I am determined to break away for the mass-produced candles that are flooding the market. I have started crafting my own unique creations. I have poured by heart and soul into every small batch of candles, insuring them with love and care.


I have been inspired by my love of reading and created the “Reading Corner Collection”, each one carrying a message that will touch the hearts of those who light them. I have also drawn upon my “real job" as a Drama Teacher and have designed candles inspired by beloved stage shows and musicals, capturing the essence of these performances in wax and fragrance.


My true joy comes from making people happy and giving meaningful gifts. With every order I do a little happy dance. I have realised that candles have the power to tell stories and evoke emotion. And so, I have opened my heart and workshop to the world, offering personalised candles for all occasions. Whether it’s a celebration, a milestone, or simply a desire to share a special message. I invite you to share your story with me, I will listen attentively and create a candle that embodies your unique tale, a gift that will speak volumes and touch the souls of those who receive it.


My favourite memory from making candles so far was when a lady picked up a Honey & Tobacco candle and she said “Oh gosh, that has taken me back to sitting on my Grandad’s knee as a little girl”, the though of helping someone recall such a special memory, is why I do what I do! My love of animals and nature are at the core of my business.


My products are vegan-friendly, ensuring that no harm comes to our furry friends, and I take great care to make my packaging and products as eco friendly as possible, including our refill and return a jar policies. So, if you are like me and enjoy the simple pleasure of a relaxing evening, surrounded by the warm glow of a luxurious scent, while indulging in a good book, by the crackling fire and a sleeping dog on your knee, Anna Elizabeth Candles is the perfect store for you.


And if you have a story to share, or a message to covey, let me be your guide and I will transform your words into a fragrant masterpiece, a candle that will illuminate hearts and create lasting memories.


To find out more about who Anna Elizabeth is, give me a follow on Instagram; @annaelizabethcandles

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